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Think of the Mayhem

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Jun 18 '13

I am about ready to cry. I ordered my copy of The Ocean At The End of The Lane from Porter Square Books. They shipped it in a bubble mailer, when I opened it, I found that the back cover and spine were bent.

I’ve emailed the company, and am waiting for a response, but I am really upset.

  1. sofuckingkatty said: oh, honey D: At least, if they work with you on it? (I hope I hope I hope) You could remove the signed page and frame it? Since the book has already been desecrated?
  2. bonethugsnhermione said: Nooo D:
  3. motivatedslacker said: :( Nooo!
  4. blueandbluer said: That is absolutely criminal.
  5. nicemarmot47 said: Wow! It takes a lot of force to do that to a hardcover! You should absolutely be able to exchange it.
  6. sirpuddleduck said: I think you *should* be really upset. People don’t order signed first editions and feel okay about them arriving bunged up. They owe you a new one, whatever it takes to get it for you. Good luck!
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